Ipswich Select Board Meeting 6/1/20

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Pledge of Allegiance 00:03:35

Welcome/Announcements 00:03:36

Citizen Queries 00:09:15

Board and Committees 00:16:44

Approval of Minutes 00:19:16

Argilla Road Project Update and Request of Letter 00:40:06

2020 Annual Town Meeting Update 01:24:54

Developing Bike-Friendly Routes through Ipswich 01:51:11

Discuss/Vote Temporary Resident Only Parking at Pa 02:10:25

Discuss and Vote Proffer of Ownership of Land Behi 02:42:02

Old Business 02:47:52

New Business* 02:47:52


Update on Town Owned Property at 161 Topsfield Roa 02:49:08

Reduced Speed Restrictions or Areas for Vessels on 02:49:09

Discussion on Limiting Construction Noise 02:49:09

Town Manager Report 02:49:10

Consent Agenda 02:49:10

Miscellaneous and Correspondence 02:49:11

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