Ipswich Select Board Meeting 6/15/20

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Pledge of Allegiance 00:05:44

Welcome/Announcements 00:07:43

Citizen Queries 00:07:44

Board and Committees 00:11:22

Student Proposal for Installation on Town Property 00:21:20

SB Review Draft Letter to Essex BOS Re: Potential 00:38:38

Discuss/Vote Interim Budget Submission to DOR 00:38:42

Symes Request for Water Ban Exemption 00:55:14

Summer Water Rate Discussion 00:58:57

Receive Draft Water Neutral Growth Implemenation P 01:04:44

Consent Agenda 02:47:17

Town Manager Report 02:47:17

New Business* 02:47:18

Old Business 02:47:21

Miscellaneous and Correspondence 02:47:32

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