Ipswich Select Board Meeting 8/3/20

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Pledge of Allegiance 00:03:59

Welcome/Announcements 00:06:27

Board and Committee Business 00:06:31

Citizen Queries 00:09:50

Discuss Resident Concern over approval of True Nor 00:20:55

Open Special Town Meeting (10-17-20) Warrant, Warr 00:21:36

Temporary COVID Related Outdoor Entertainment Lice 00:42:42

Referral of Zoning Articles to the Planning Board 01:10:10

New Business* 01:25:23

Approval of Minutes 01:27:43

Annual Appointment of Election Poll Workers 01:27:44

Consent Agenda 01:27:45

Town Manager Report 01:57:23

Old Business 01:57:23

Miscellaneous and Correspondence 01:57:23

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